A few essential vitamins made me feel better!


When I was younger I didn’t believe in taking any vitamins. But about 6 months ago I decided to take iron, B complex,  C, magnesium, and calcium. Let me tell you, they really made a difference in my energy level, sleep, and overall I don’t crave junk like when I was younger. Should have taken these earlier in life!

Fiber is my friend


I love snow pea leaves sauteed with garlic. I think I ate half a plate of it today at Dim Sum. As healthy as it was to have all that green fiber goodness, it left me hungry about 2 hours later. Yesterday’s fireworks celebration food (pizza, cupcake, soda, caramel popcorn) made me feel so carbed out and sugared out. That’s why I had to O.D. on veggies just a bit to get myself feeling ok again.

Homemade brunch with country friend


It was girls night IN at my country friend’s farm. The thing about being out there is that time passes by in a leisurely manner which is probably why it took us 4 hours to enjoy morning coffee, make beignets, and spinach bacon quiche. If I tried to do this at home, it would not feel like a bed and breakfast; it would feel like a military cook in Afghanistan.  What a difference food makes when you are in different places with different faces!

Zigul Zigul Korean BBQ Buffet

Korean BBQ Buffet Fathers Day

I wish I knew Korean then I’d be able to tell you what Zigul Zigul means, but it sounds like the sizzling sound of meat hitting the grill if you ask me. This is our recent favorite, our go-to restaurant when we want fresh meats/seafood and great Korean side dishes that only cost $17.99 per person. You could really go paleo here, except today they didn’t have that purple rice so we were stuck eating white rice which was fine. I don’t want to gross you out, but my husband asked for pig intestines. It smelled like dirty rags and sewage water. My son tried to be a good sport, but he just couldn’t put it in his mouth but he managed to put it between his teeth to test the texture of pig intestines. So that was our adventurous taste buds experiment of the week. Happy Father’s Day!

Cake for every occasion, including Father’s Day


For us, Father’s Day is another excuse to have fresh cream cake. Though I must say there wasn’t a lot of cake inside. More than half of it was fresh cream and strawberries. This is my husband’s favorite cake as a child AND as an adult. Tomorrow he’ll go on a diet to lose 5 pounds for the next jiujitsu tournament. We order these cakes from a Korean bakery chain called Tous Les Jours. They make the best stuff!

When hard boiled eggs turn out soft


When hard boiled eggs turn out soft, that means they were not boiled long enough. For perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs without a runny or gray center, boil them for 7 minutes and then turn the heat off, put the lid on and wait for another 5 minutes. DONE!

My husband accidentally under cooked these eggs, but this gave me an opportunity to make a delicious eggy chicken salad on toast topped with lettuce and diced avocados. I figured mayo has raw eggs in it so these soft boiled runny eggs served partially as my “mayo.”

Magical Ingredient: Mirin


Mirin is a must have in Asian cooking. I consider this concoction of sweet rice wine & vinegar MAGICAL because it is what makes you look like you know a lot about Asian cooking. When in doubt, add a moderate splash of mirin to your meats, fish, veggies especially in conjunction with a little soy sauce. People will think you just added pixie dust to your already awesome cooking.